Baidya Nath Hembram

A 14-year-old boy, Baidya Nath Hembram has enrolled in the program since 2017.

His mother, Late Sumi Hembram died of liver cirrhosis when he was all of 7 years old. His father, Birjun Hembram, a hardworking farmer is an inspiring and wonderful human being.

He works hard to earn his daily bread working on other farmer’s fields. He manages home too – cooking meals while ensuring Baidyanath attends daily classes.

Admitted to the Centre at Koucha, Baidya Nath is happy getting his education and nutritious food. Regularly attending classes, he usually brings his younger sister Macella along.

Baidya Nath aspires to be a teacher like his teacher at Koucha and wants to provide free tuition to the poor and needy children like him.

Shanti Raj Sheikh

A 14 year old now, Shanti Raj Sheikh has enrolled in the program since 2017.

His father Saddam Sheikh is a motor van driver and his mother, Maira Biwi is at home managing the 2 children in the little that they get.

Both his parents work hard to fulfill the basic needs but the children still do not get proper food, clothes or health care.

Shanti wants to do body building, but as his parents cannot send him to an athletic club, he works out on his own without specific instructions.

He comes to the center at Koucha every day and enjoys the nutritious meals he is provided there. He practices sprints and gymnastics too. Growing up, Shanti hopes to realise his dream to be an athlete.

Satata Mal

A 11 year old now, Satata Mal enrolled at the Center in 2017. Her father, Late Uttam Maal died in a car accident when she was all of 5 years old.

Her mother, Sumitra Maal has kept the family, which includes Satata and 2 of her siblings going. Her mother works as a maid in others hourses and manages to earn a meager amount with which to support the family.

Enrolled at the Garadha Centre, Satata has a keen interest in education and is regular with her classes. She does face a challenge in doing her work as no one at home can help, the teachers have been very supportive and go out of the way to help her.

She aspires to be an IAS officer when she grows up and give her mother everything that she deserves.

Bishu Mardi

A 15-year-old now, Bishu Mardi was quite infrequent during his early days of enrollment in 2017.

His parents struggled to meet ends as his father a daily labourer often travelled far in search of work. His mother seeing his poor academic performance enrolled him at the Centre in Koucha.

Academically things didn’t improve much until during a free medical checkup at the Centre the doctors found him to have a unique visual problem. He did not have adequate visual tracking skills. Often he jumped words because of this.

He is now undergoing various visual therapies with an eye specialist which has improved his sight and interest in academics too.

Ruma Mardi

7-year-old Ruma Mardi came to the Centre at Garadha in 2017.

Daughter of Baburam Mardi, a daily wage labourer and Monika Mardi, a housewife, Ruma was abandoned by her parents as they could not support her with the limited earnings they made.

Ruma and her sister Sumi were then taken in by their maternal uncle Raju Baski, who works as a farmer and tends to both his nieces.

He ensures their basic necessities are taken care of and that Ruma is able to attend her classes.

Ruma is happy and attends her classes with enthusiasm. Too young to decide what she wants to do as a grown-up, she knows she wants to study hard and give her uncle everything that he wished for.